Creepy Valentine

My band The Difficult Stranger is independently releasing our 2nd album this month called Creepy Valentine. It’s almost a year in the making and I am mighty proud of it because we were able to finish in our own terms despite our busy schedules. Unlike our first record, High School Lover, which was released two years ago, this album is more diverse in terms of sound but has a unifying theme lyrically. We wanted to make a record we can enjoy listening to as well as play live and being confined to particular genre bored us. Sure I have my roots in indie rock and power pop while my bandmates in punk rock but we all decided to expand the musical palette just a bit to spice it up without abandoning our roots. The CD will be available on Feb. 17, 2017 at Chainzaw Records, Music Lab, and The HQZ. Of course we’ll also make it available digitally via

We don’t claim to change the world or reinvent the wheel. We just love to play the kind of sound we wanted to hear.