I Hate Boxes

​A college friend once asked me what my musical identity really is because he was puzzled how i can easily relate to country, punk, indie, jazz, etc. I told him none. Well, true, when i was a kid i identify with pop culture. But as i grew older that no longer is the case. My identity is not build around the music i listen to but rather the music i listen to is build around my identity and i identify myself as a music connoisseur among other things. Of course there are lots of music i don’t like but my reason for not liking them has nothing to do with its genre but rather on its quality and my own emotional rapport towards it and these are often subjective (which is why some people like Nickelback and some don’t). It just so happened that most musical styles that i can emotionally identify with falls into what is now categorized as power pop and americana (formerly referred to as alt-country).

Now i understand most music genre has its own culture and aesthetics. I too identify with neither though i understand those who do. This is because i hate boxes. I get dizzy inside an elevator. Instead of going inside one box i like to explore all available boxes and learn from each but i don’t build my own box around it either. Like i said, i hate boxes. I love to grow and learn. Collect knowledge and wisdom. Apply them. Test them, and see how it stands. Plus life is much bigger, complex, and stranger than that.


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